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Readers Rides!!!

This section is dedicated to you and your car. Like your car? Think it has what it takes?? Want the world to know??? Well, this is the place! Simply email your pictures and a brief description to me and I will do my best to get your car posted ASAP!! Easy as that! So what are you waiting for!?!? Get on it!!

So far only three people have sent me shots of their cars...
What's your excuse???

This is Doug's '96 Eclipse GS-T, very clean!

Thanks Doug!

Look!! Another one!! This is Mike's new '98 S-10SL truck. So far he has added a FlowMaster exhaust, but he has big plans for the future of this fine truck. Looking forward to seeing those plans unfold!
Thanks Mike!

This is Mrs. Dockter's Honda Del Sol si. Yeah, yeah, whatever Shane....You know it's her's! We ALL know who wears the pants in that family!!