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The Subaru Impreza P2000 incorporates many new features that put it at the leading-edge of rally car technology. Although similar in external appearance to the WRC99, 90% of the car's components have changed. Particular effort was concentrated on weight distribution, suspension, aerodynamic improvements, a new wiring harness and a number of uprated engine and turbo components.

Subaru plan to run the 2000 version Impreza World Rally Car for the first time. The new car features many detailed changes, principally revised under-bonnet cooling layout. Final testing was carried out at Arganil this week in the hands of Burns, Kankkunen and test driver Robbie Head. FIA homologation is due to be confirmed today (Friday). Burns said earlier "The car looks externally similar to the '99 model but there are small but important changes under the surface!"

Richard Burns - "I like the stages in Portugal, the gravel can be quite sandy in places and it's a surface that I'm very comfortable driving quickly on. This will also be the first opportunity for me to compete in the revised car. We've had some really encouraging tests with it over the past few months and although there are always risks you take when trying something new, I think the potential benefits are just too good to ignore."

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